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Who We Are:

Think Rich Films is an independent film production, branding and marketing company that is dedicated to making content that enriches lives, supports financial literacy and inspires the human soul. Our Mission Statement is to deliver quality content that rivals big box corporate studio productions while maintaining creative control and artistic integrity.



Scott Cervine

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 Scott has directed and collaborated with Iconic figures; among them: Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, James Van Praagh, Mark Victor Hansen, Verdine White, Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Carla Gugino. Among his renowned works are “The Shadow Effect,” a compelling documentary immediately sought after by Oprah Winfrey and released on the Oprah Winfrey Network. “Scott Cervine is an irresistible force.” —Robert Kholer/Los Angeles Times



Sean Donovan


Sean is the CEO of Think Rich Films and he has worked with companies such as CNN, NBA, Nascar, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network and PGA. As a veteran Branding and Digital Marketing expert, Sean has worked as a high level strategist with some of the top New Media Marketing Firms in the world. As an advisor on Co­founders Lab Sean has worked with over 200 companies to assist them in fast tracking their success.



Cynthia Whitcomb

CYNTHIAW2Cynthia Whitcomb has over 70 feature­ length scripts, 29 of which have been filmed and aired on primetime national television (On CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Disney Channel and Lifetime). Her credits include “Buffalo Girls,” adapted from the novel by Larry McMurtry, which was nominated for 11 Emmy Awards, including Best Miniseries. “I Know My First Name Is Steven” gained her an Emmy Nomination for the writing and is one of the highest rated miniseries ever.


Producer I COO

Karina R. Donovan


Karina is Co-founder and COO of Think Rich Films, managing all day to day operations for the company and overseeing all aspects of production. A veteran digital and social media marketer, and business development strategist. Her areas of intimate expertise include personal development, life coaching, media production and broadcasting.



Producer I Business Development

Joel Franco

Joel is Co-founder of Think Rich Films and heads our production’s business development, and supports the creative direction and production of the film. Joel has created synergetic alliances with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Within the last decade he’s had the privilege of working with some of the top world leaders and influencers in business, social change, and entrepreneurship.



 Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy


Co-executive producer I Author

James Whittaker

 JW photo2As a bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur, James has interviewed more than 100 of the world’s leading business icons and athletes to unlock their secrets to success. He is the founder of several health/fitness companies, and his mission is to share the success habits of high performers to give younger generations the tools to take ownership of their financial, physical and mental health.


Executive Producer

John Shin

johnspic2John is the Founder and CEO of AXIANTA Financial and has created his own progressive sales and personal growth training company made up of professional mentors and business builders He is also the Founder of a non-profit organization called “ALL FOR ONE” which provides child prosperity centers for children around the world



Latin America Ambassador |
Co-executive producer

Marcelo Quintanilla

MarceloBio 2

Marcelo has developed entrepreneurial  projects in over 100 rural communities. He has been appointed by Al Gore, former Vice President of the U.S., as one of the top environmentalist Keynote speakers for Latin America. His focus on community collaboration and commitment has allowed him to be one of the youngest representatives of Mexico for the United Nations’ panel on Climate Change.