Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy will be a feature length docudrama film chronicling the story of some of today’s most renowned entrepreneurs, cultural icons and thought leaders. This feature length film will tell their inspirational stories and how they ultimately achieved their success.

Interwoven with dramatic vignettes, the movie will bring to life classic inspirational stories from Think and Grow Rich, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, Think & Grow Rich: A Latino Choice, Think and Grow Rich for Women and Three Feet From Gold.

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THINK will unlock the eminent significance behind the secret of Think and Grow Rich, revealing the global impact the book has created and serve as a continued legacy.

The History Behind:

Since it was first published Think and Grow Rich has sold over 70 million copies worldwide. It helped to end the Great Depression. Those who read it and put it into practice, experienced boundless personal growth, amassed fortunes and achieved the desires of their dreams.

No literary work in the self-help genre has had a greater creative impact than Think and Grow Rich.