Thanks to the vision and support of these individuals and businesses, “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy” is poised to impact millions of lives. We thank each of those listed here for their early support in helping to fund this project and for their belief in our vision for a film with the power to push people to heights they had once only dreamed about. We encourage you click the expert links to learn more about each of these incredible supporters.



Ask A Millionaire
Steeven Cadel
Meaningful Pages
Vaughan Liddicoat
Dave Meltzer
PowerMind Wealth
Apex Pursuit
Elite Women in Business
Milena McRae Life Mastery
James Goi Jr.
Ben Benita
Getting To Flow Academy
Focused Vision Consulting, LLC
Laura Noel
The Common Thread Group
lucinda bakken white
MaxStrength Fitness
Mindset Warrior
Mother At Seven – Book
Creating Growth Consulting
Focused Vision Consulting, LLC
New Level Results Ltd
Chad Chesmark
The Big Happy Life
Bozarth Consulting Group
Recovery coast
Insite Mind
Avant Midi Inc.
Transformational Mentorship
Values-inspired Advocacy
D’Amore U Know LLC
Video By Andrew
Innervated Life Coaching
Amy Flynn
Wealth Abundance Joy Now
John Maxwell
Jac It Up Fitness
Brandi J Roberts
GPJ Coaching S.A.S
Health Empowered You
Charlene Day Enterprises
Chirku LLC
TRANSFORM Success International, LLC
Darlene Corbett
Debra Cummings
George Adamides personal site
Evolve Global
Success Captain
Ido Barnoam
Discovering My Wings, LLC
Jim Goldfuss
 Jim Gentil
Aces Raise
Karen OConnor BackOfficeTips.Com
Longevity and Wellness
BlissPowered Yoga
The Coaching Center for Mind Training & Success
World Financial Group
World Financial Group
Mandy Ward Coaching (Acorn to Oak Tree)
Mark Frentz Coaching
Ernest Thomas Hamilton
Within Creations
Susan J Reich, Intuitive Medium
Melissa Tietz Consulting & Training
PMA Professor
Proctor Gallagher Institute
Shantiom Mumtaz Mahal
Live Love and Live
Social Zebras – The Lifestyle Mastermind Group in Bern
Semper Superior
Attracting Possibilities
Frank & Trisha Coaching
Mindset Warrior
Wow Global Solutions Ltd
Dennison Enterprises
Proctor Gallagher Consultant, Thinking Into Results
Creedmoor Wellness Center
Finding a Coach
Lotus Soul 9
Sabah Ali
Maya Empowerment
Lead The Dream



Diego Nicholas International
Souza Group RE/MAX Gold
Think Digital Success
Audio Picasso Publishing
The Slight Edge Coach
Bigger Than Bitcoin
Real Estate Ready 360
Elite Home Inspections LLC
Real Estate Ready 360
Melissa Storment
Jarrett Reeves Holdings LLC
The Home Check
Rogers Real Estate Team
Wollesen Agency LLC
Simply Investing


Minerva KundenRechte GmbH
Website Laboratorium
Ask A Millionaire
Keep It Grow It
Authentic Connections
TransAmerica Financial Advisors
TPA Financial
Legacy Leadership
Kissing Lions Public Relations
ONtrepreneur Academy
Mind Matrixx Coaching Ltd
Rainbow property maintenance
Project Management Hacks
Legacy Best Sellers Self-Publishing
TAO Group
BecomeACyberSecurity.Expert BecomeACyberSecurity.Expert
The Business Law Group
Credible Security Solutions, Inc.
Whitehat Agency
Imua Services
SMM International – Social Media for Businesses
GutesBuch Verlag
Magnum Vision
Work Together
Weightrade Pty Ltd
Bronson Dunbar
Body of Purpose, LLC
Weightrade Pty Ltd
Ungenita Beauty International UNGENITA.COM
Value Investment Group
Cole Webb Photography
Syncopated holdings
Walco Seed Cleaning
Kahuna Business Group
Bock’s Office
Speers Creative
AMB3R Creative
Aspira Consulting
Liberteks Digital & IT Services
 WWE 2k Superstar
Mitch Russo
Mindful Guidance, LLC
Golden Spiral
Thoasp: Thoughts of an Aspirationist
Jim and Dani
Pat Beaudoin Sales & Consulting
Better Marketing Mondays
Premier Construction Services, Inc.
Evolutionary Business Council
TGD Technology Consulting Group, LLC
Tresnic Media
Gerhard Du Bruyn
WPlook Themes
Gotham Parking Systems, LLC
VIP Virtual Office
Signature Wealth Management
Wealth Direction


Benezra Chiropractic
Positive Edge Inc
Ceragem International Marketing Pte Ltd
Quantum healing Institute
Acupunctuur centrum Hoorn
Dr Deb The Travel Doctor
Recovery Coast


Franklin’s Way – 13 Virtues To A Better Life
Horizon Family Solutions, LLC
September 21 Enterprise
Heartland Institute of Financial Education www.HIFE-USA.Org
American Study Program
Kitchen Virgins
Wado-Ki Karate
Bliss Academy
Yiska Obadia Services
Juergen Ruestow Arbeitskreis Persoenlichkeits-und Praeventionstraining
Escola do Sucesso
 JBB Lifestyle


Journeys By You
My Very Best For You


Azul Siete
PASHION8 Designs
Mirari Forever
Lily Trotters
McLaren Unvaled
Olivia Kate Couture, Inc.
Master Your Mind & Be


U.S. Oil Solutions
Straight To The Core
Ceragem International Marketing Pte Ltd
Celestial Tidings
Moringa Marketing LLC
Arbonne International
HillCo Global
You’re Gifted
Transportation products